20 years of the making the finest kitchen dressers for the UK


Each individual part is built by a single craftsman; in order to create solid and lifelong pieces of furniture. We employ local craftsmen, painters and finishers some of whom have inherited the very same skills from their parents.

We are passionate about keeping traditional workmanship alive. This is why we make all our fine furniture by hand and use authentic kitchen cabinet making skills and tools to do it, techniques such as dovetails and mortise and tenon joints.

We are equally committed to only using the highest quality materials and solid woods. One of these is Tulipwood, which we use for the carcasses. Its clear white sapwood and greenish-yellow heartwood are easily worked and do not shrink or warp, take nails without splitting, accept paint or glue better than any other tree and are also extremely durable. This provides a stable, resilient structure which is an ideal base for painting and will remain blemish-free due to the absence of resinous knots.

When it comes to selecting wood for the rest of the dresser, sideboard or table, we take the time to visit the timber yards personally to ensure the perfect pieces of wood are selected - in terms of consistent quality and appearance - for each and every commission. This means from the high grade Tulipwood structure through to the solid hardwoods used on the wide plank worktops our cabinet makers will lovingly craft the perfect statement piece for you.


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